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Smoking Cessation

My program to break the smoking habit is designed for individuals who sincerely want to stop smoking and have not been successful through past efforts. These attempts may have included previous hypnosis, traditional counseling or group therapy, nicotine replacement medication, or just sheer will power. You, yourself, may have successfully stopped in the past only to start again after a personal crisis.

My program is individual and of short-term duration. Three visits are required in the first month, follow-up visits the second or third month for reinforcement may be scheduled, if needed.  If we uncover a more deep seated reason for your smoking we will discuss further hypnotherapy to encounter your "problem" and then help you understand and reframe it so you may stop smoking for good! All visits are arranged for your convenience and are completely individual.

In deciding to start this program, it is essential that you really desire to stop smoking!

I cannot make you stop smoking - or for that matter, make you do anything. I can, however, assist you to become a successful non-smoker if you really want to. No matter how long you have smoked or how much you smoke, you can successfully join the ranks of non-smokers. My philosophy is not to make you stop smoking, but rather, to help you never start smoking again. With my treatment program very few people have trouble with weight gain or any other problem associated with breaking the smoking habit. It is as though you have entered a new and better life and are happy to be there.

As a physician, I need not remind you that smoking habit is very dangerous, totally useless, and very expensive. Many of our former patients tell us that their lives are so much happier and healthier without smoking.

Mine is a friendly and informal office, and the experience to stop smoking through hypnosis is much more pleasant than you might expect. You also will be taught self-hypnosis which you will find to be beneficial in many other areas of your life.

The total fee for the program is $350.00 to be paid in cash or by check or credit card by the time of your first visit. This covers the three, one-hour visits necessary to complete the program with each visit logically building on the previous one. Your success depends on attending all of the sessions.

If other problems are encountered in the course of treatment, additional visits may be necessary to make your success long-term. These will require additional fees on an hourly basis. The need for additional treatment sessions will be discussed with Dr. Rohde during a treatment session.

Some insurance programs cover hypnosis sessions, and others may at least partially reimburse you for your hypnosis visit charges. Please contact your insurance carrier or ask our financial specialist to research your coverage for you.

Remember - this is the best investment you will ever make to insure a healthier, happier future for yourself - it is definitely cheaper than smoking!!!