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My Assurance That You Will Receive the Best Supplements Available on the Market

Quality of the many supplements available on the web and in stores has been a major concern for both physicians and consumers. There have been numerous news stories and written articles about the poor quality of many supplements when the product was tested by an independent laboratory. Some of the supplements from drugstores and web sites contained almost none of the listed ingredient in their capsules! To explain this, only a few reputable manufacturers of capsulated supplements exist. Unfortunately many companies manufacture products for many resellers under different "custom" labels, and sadly, many do not use adequate quality control (some have none!). Further, many have been stretching their capacity to meet the growing demand from the market place, often leaving quality behind in the rush to get supply out the door!

Generally, shopping only for the lowest price on a nutritional supplement which you are paying for out of your pocket and taking to improve your health is, in my opinion, a major mistake!! YOU ULTIMATELY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

The individual nutritional supplements I use and recommend are manufactured by the Pure Encapsulations Company (Pure Encapsulations Home) in Sudbury, MA. This is a doctor founded and directed company that only sells to licensed health care professionals assuring only the highest quality products! They enforce strict manufacturing guidelines and all production occurs in dust controlled clean rooms. Further, each formula batch has independent laboratory testing on every batch of finished encapsulated product to assure that you get what you are paying for! The company supplies this independent laboratory data to me to assure me that I am recommending only the finest supplements available!

Herbs used in these products are sourced from both the U.S. and Europe and all contain the standardized amount of their active ingredients. Vitamins are sourced from Hoffmann LaRoche and other top manufacturers of the highest pharmaceutical grade. ALL ingredients are always disclosed on product labels so you know exactly what is in the capsules. This includes ingredients often hidden by other manufacturers like allergenic fillers or products that may interfere with absorption.

Because of the pharmaceutical grade testing and oversight, Pure Encapsulations has become a leading supplier of supplements to PHARMACEUTICAL distributors in Germany and Austria which have stringent rules for production and sale of supplements - they are seen as prescription medications in most of Europe!

Be cautious when buying supplements - DON'T shop for the lowest price - if you are spending your money to improve your health make sure you are getting quality products that will actually benefit you!!!

Think of it this way - would you buy your prescription heart medication at a 2 for 1 sale at a surplus discount dollar store with no guarantee of the capsule's contents ??

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Last revised: March 19, 2008