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Dr. Rohde's Interests

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Dr. Rohde has provided comprehensive and personal patient care in Decatur since he completed his residency training in 1991. In addition to patient care he has held teaching appointments with the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

Present position held:

Associate Professor - SIU School of Medicine

Prior positions held:

Assistant Professor - SIU School of Medicine  - 15 years as active teaching faculty.

Director of Academic Affairs - SIU Decatur Family Medicine Residency Training Program - 15 years.

He provides care in all areas of Medicine.

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Areas of Special Interest

bulletAnti Aging Medicine
bulletBio-identical Hormone Replacement / Hormone Balancing
bulletSaliva Testing
bulletNutritional Supplementation
bulletWeight Management Program
bulletDoctor Supervised Low Calorie
bulletSmoking Cessation (Quit Smoking Help)
bulletEmotional Health
bulletHypnosis/Hypnoanalysis - Counseling under Hypnosis - Hypnosis Explained

Areas of Special Expertise

bullet No Needle, No Scalpel Vasectomy
bulletSkin Lesion Management - Skin Cancers, Moles, Skin Tags, Fatty tumors
bulletAdvanced Acne Management
bulletLipolysis / Mesotherapy - Fat melting for body contouring
bulletSpider Vein Injection
bulletLaser Procedures - Hair removal, Facial rejuvenation, Refirme Skin Tightening
bulletBotox injections
bulletFiller Injections (Restylane)
bulletColposcopy - evaluation of abnormal pap smears
bulletCervical Cryotherapy - treatment of abnormal pap smears by freezing
bulletLeep - treatment of abnormal pap smears by removal with a wire loop
bulletEndometrial aspiration - sampling cells of the uterus in abnormal bleeding
bulletToenail Removal - partial or total